Waste Management and Transportation

WCES 24-Hour Office Number 562-448-9510

Waste Management and Transportation Services

  • Non and Hazardous waste removal and site remediation
  • Non and Hazardous waste sampling – liquids & solids
  • Non and Hazardous waste categorizing, profiling
  • Non and Hazardous waste disposal
  • Field testing for pH, TPH, PCB screening for transformer oil, PCBs in soil
  • Field Haz-cat testing for waste verification or unknowns
  • Field VOC, LEL, CO, O2, H2S monitoring
  • Field testing for benzene, toluene and ammonia
  • Laboratory analysis to perform waste characterization mandated by CFR 40 and Title 22. INcluding Atomic Absorption and AA-Flame, AA Spectrometry – Graphite Furnace, Florescence, Gas Chromatography, GC – Mass Spectrometry for all organics, X-ray Florescence, Organic Vapor analyzer, inductively couple plasma, atomic emission spectrometry, pH meter and Flash point testing
  • Environmental facility management including specialized tank cleaning and waste disposal
  • Site and Plant decontaminations and closures
  • Non-hazardous and hazardous waste transportation- Vacuum trucks: Black Iron & Stainless Steel, Roll-off Trucks and bins, Flatbed and Box Van Trucks
  • Drummed waste packaging, handling and disposal
  • Over-packing, lab packing
  • Liquid, solid, bulk and drummed waste management
  • Weed abatement
  • 1166 soil emissions monitoring
  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation

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